You must either be on the HMS network, or use a VPN client to log in to the HMS network if you are off campus. 

Note: Logging in requires that you have an account on the CBMF workstation (“latwork”).  If you are unable to login at following the instructions below, try first logging in to with your ecommons credentials to create an account, then logging out (type exit), then logging in to  Contact us if you are still unable to log in.

On Mac or Linux computers:

  1. Open the Terminal application.
  2. Enter one of the following commands, substituting your own ecommons username:
    • For processing data: ssh [ecommons_username]
    • For transferring data: ssh [ecommons_username]
  3. Enter your ecommons password when prompted

On Windows computers:

  1. Open an ssh client such as Putty
  2. Open a new session with the following connection settings:
    • Host Name:
    • Port: 22 (leave as default)
    • Connection Type: SSH (leave as default)
  3. Once the connection is open you should see a prompt asking for username and password.  Use your ecommons credentials to connect.

Using X11 forwarding for previewing data remotely:

If you’d like to use the llsinfo --show command to preview data remotely, you will need to log in using X11 forwarding.

  1. Install an Xserver
  2. Connect with X11 forwarding
    • On Mac, add the -X flag to your ssh command:
      • ssh -X [ecommons_username]
    • If using Putty on Windows, check the “Enable X11 Forwarding” box as shown here: